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Higher education marketing professionals and enrollment managers are continually faced with new and changing market conditions about which they need data fast. Data that’s not available elsewhere. Fast, as in immediately. Longmire and Company co-sponsored studies fill the need.


Report Cover Emotional Motivators

Emotional Motivators:
Increase and control your enrollment by getting a deep and accurate understanding of how students really feel about your college.

Prospective students need facts but their college selection decision is most often going to hinge on how they feel about their chosen college – and those they rejected. Colleges know that these emotional motivators exist. They just don’t have clear and precise data about what makes students feel a particular way and the relative impact those feelings have on enrollment decisions.

This study explores how students feel and, more importantly, uncovers why they feel that way to give you a deeper understanding of the students you’re trying to recruit.


Report Cover Hidden Influences Study 180x216

Hidden Influences:
Revealing the unspoken perceptions that prospective students have about your college and why it matters in your ability to grow and control enrollment.

We know that prospective students don’t always tell us what they really think. Sometimes they don’t want to be completely honest about their REAL first-choice college because they think they’ll hurt our feelings. They may tell us they had a great campus visit and then tell their parents on the way home that they’ll never enroll. They often say one thing and do another.

This study examines the hidden opinions and perceptions students have about colleges and how they influence college selection.


Report Cover Relationship Dynamic Study 180x216

The Relationship Dynamic:
How prospective students form a relationship with your college and why it matters in your ability to grow and control enrollment.

In this study, we asked college-bound students if and how they formed connections and bonds (relationships) with the colleges they considered attending. The study explored the influence of relationships in driving college choice.

Building relationships is a complex, nuanced and powerful part of student recruitment. This study reveals how parents facilitate relationships with colleges, when students begin building relationships with their short list of schools, which people and communications channels are formative in relationship building, and much more.


Report Cover Excitement Factor Study

The Excitement Factor! Your ability to create student excitement about your institution will drive enrollment more than anything else.

This study yielded new information about the environments in which student excitement is created, the people who create it, points in the recruiting cycle where it is most frequently created, and specific methods and messages that are most and least effective.

The findings provide colleges with actionable data that can help them better understand how to generate excitement and emotional commitment from prospective students that will lead to enrollment.



Your Value Proposition: How prospective students and parents perceive value and select colleges

At a minimum, prospective students and parents are ever more conscious of finding the greatest value among the colleges available to them.

The key questions are: How do they define value? How do they form their value perceptions about specific institutions? Is it now all about outcomes? Getting a good job soon after graduating? Maximizing earnings as soon as possible?

Has there been a paradigm shift in the criteria students and parents use to select a college? This study answers these questions.



Pre-Enrollment Service Study: How customer service delivery during the recruiting cycle influences enrollment

Breakdowns in early service delivery will outweigh perceptions of strength in areas such as academic quality, reputation of faculty, program offerings, and even scholarships and financial aid.

Conversely, high levels of service often make an institution more attractive because of the perceived likelihood of favorable outcomes brought about through greater attention to the student’s individual needs.

This study examins all forms of interaction that prospective students and parents had with colleges during the “college shopping” process.



Study of Parents: How They Evaluate Colleges and Influence Enrollment

It is an established fact that parents are the strongest influences in their child's selection of the college. Now, more than ever before, one or more parents are actively engaging with colleges (secretly or otherwise) on behalf of their child as part of the college selection process.

This study explores the consumer behavior of parents as it relates to the selection of a college, and how their established behavior ultimately influences the child.


Report-Cover-Communications Study

Report on the Use of Electronic Communications in College Recruiting

With the growth and introduction of numerous electronic communications channels, enrollment managers and higher education marketing managers are faced with an ever expanding set of variables to consider when planning their marketing and communications programs.

This research is designed to provide senior management of colleges and universities with actionable data they can use to understand and react to the changes brought forth in an era of rapidly changing forms of electronic communication and the changing patterns of use of these tools by college-bound students.



Report on the Impact of the Economy On College Enrollment

There is no doubt that the distressed state of the current economy is injecting a great deal of uncertainty among college-bound students and their parents with regard to college selection and, more fundamentally, their ability to pay.

This research provides senior management of colleges and universities with actionable data they can use to understand and react to the potential changes in college enrollment decision-making resulting from these volatile and uncertain economic conditions.



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