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Service Quality Management (SQM)

Key Takeaway:
If you don't measure it, you can't manage it. Our service quality assessments are industry-fresh and reflect the current demands and expectations of students and parents both pre- and post-enrollment.

Over 53% of students and parents say that the pre-enrollment service they receive from a college influences their selection decision.

They also say that service is one of the best ways to differentiate one college from another. The fact is: Prospective students and parents view the pre-enrollment service they receive as predictive of how the student will be served after enrollment. They will avoid colleges that exhibit bad service during the “college shopping” process.

How good is your service? Have you measured all brand touch points?

Breakdowns in service (across any brand touch point) greatly impact your ability to recruit and retain. SQM enables you to measure your pre- and post-enrollment service delivery across numerous departments on campus.

With SQM you can also compare your institution’s pre-enrollment service delivery to that of other colleges. And you can fix problems before they cost you enrollments.

Get ground-level metrics drives high-level change. SQM enables you to attach service performance metrics to many areas on campus. It also gives you the opportunity to measure how closely your service level, as an institution, is living up to your brand promise.

Data from SQM helps you make immediate changes that will have lasting results.

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